Editors F. Asakura, S. Kawashima,
A Matsumura, S. Nishibata, K. Nishihara

Osaka JAPAN, 2004 ISBN 4-946552-22-7 ORDER

Accurate Methods for Hyperbolic Problems on Embedded Boundary Grids
Christiane Helzel

Relaxation Time Limit Problems for Nonisentropic Euler-Poisson Equations
Ling Hsiao and Yong Li

Contact Discontinuity for Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Feimin Huang

On the Stability of Viscous-Dispersive Fronts
Jeffrey Humpherys
Subcritical Endemic Equilibria in an Age-Duration-Structured HIV/AIDS
Epidemic Model
Hisashi Inaba

Existence of a Weak Solution in an Infinite Viscoelastic Strip with a Semiinfinite
Hiromichi Itou

Quantum Euler-Poisson Equation
Yueling Jia

A Conservative Front Tracking Method
Jinjie Liu, James Glimm, and Xiaolin Li

On Strong Convergence in Vortex Sheets Problem for 3-D Axisymmetric Euler
Quansen Jiu and Zhouping Xin

Global Convergence from Quantum Hydrodynamics to Quantum Drift-Diffusion
Ansgar Jungel, Hai-Liang Li, and Akitaka Matsumura

Digital Transport Algorithm for Hyperbolic Equations
S. A. Karabasov and V. M. Goloviznin

Stability and Convergence of Relaxation Finite Element Schemes for the
Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Theodoros Katsaounis, Charalambos Makridakis, and Chiara Simeoni

Scattering Theory for the Elastic Wave Equations in Perturbed Half-spaces and
Representation of the Scattering Kernel
Mishio Kawashita, Wakako Kawashita, and Hideo Soga

On the Existence of Renormalized Dissipative Solutions via Relaxation for
Conservation Laws
Kazuo Kobayasi and Satoru Takagi

A Note on Constants of Motion for the Lotka-Volterra and Replicator Equations
Ryusuke Kon

On the Model of Compressible Flows in a Nozzle: Mathematical Analysis and
Numerical Methods
Dietmar Kroner and Mai Duc Thanh

Lp-Lq Estimate of the Stokes Semigroup and its Application to Navier.Stokes
Equation in a Perturbed Half-space
Takayuki Kubo and Yoshihiro Shibata

Conservative Remapping and ALE Methods for Plasma Physics
Milan Kucharik, Richard Liska, and Mikhail Shashkov

A High Order Gas kinetic Method for the Relativistic Euler Equations
Matthias Kunik, Shamsul Qamar, and Gerald Warnecke

Study on Some Nonlocal Parabolic Equations and Systems Arising in Applied
Fucai Li

Stability of CJ Detonations with a Two-Step Reaction Model
Tong Li

Global Entropy Solutions to the Relativistic Euler Equations
Yachun Li

Regularizing Rate Estimates for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Hideyuki Miura and Okihiro Sawada

Analysis of Composite Wave Curves for Non.Convex Systems of Conservation
Siegfried Muller and Alexander Vos

Asymptotic Behavior of Spherically Symmetric Flow for Heat-conductive Fluid
in a Field of External Forces
Tohru Nakamura and Shinya Nishibata

A Free Boundary Problem of Hyperbolic Type: Non Constant Adhesion Case
Kazuaki Nakane and Tomoko Shinohara

Periodic Vortical Flows of an Incompressible Ideal Fluid with Free Boundary
Masao Ogawa and Atusi Tani

An Example of Nonuniqueness for the Viscous Limit of a Nonstrictly Hyperbolic
System of Equations
Daniel N. Ostrov

Numerical Simulation of Volcanic Jets
Marica Pelanti and Randall J. LeVeque

Nonevolutionary MHD Shocks: A Critical Survey
N. V. Pogorelov

The Entropy Regularity Indicator for Finite Volume Schemes
Gabriella Puppo

Staggered Finite Difference Schemes for Balance Laws
Gabriella Puppo and Giovanni Russo

Conservative Hyperbolic Model for Two-Phase Flow and One-Dimensional
E. Romenski and E. F. Toro

High-Order Residual Distribution Schemes for Steady 1D Relativistic Hydrodynamics
James A. Rossmanith

Entropy Principle and Global Existence of Smooth Solutions in Extended
Tommaso Ruggeri

Hyperbolic Stochastic Partial Differential Equations as a Tool for Solving the
Fokker-Planck PDF Transport Equation of Turbulent Reactive Scalars
V. Sabel'nikov and O. Soulard

A Numerical Method for Tracking the Level Set by Infinite Precision Numerical
Hideo Sakaguchi and Hitoshi Imai

Lightlike Shock Waves in General Relativity
Michael B. Scott

Clustering Induced by Blast Waves in Inelastic Granular Gases
Susana Serna

Global Existence of Strong Solution to the Micropolar Fluid System
Yoshihiro Shibata and Norikazu Yamaguchi

Dynamics of a Purely Nonlinear One-Dimensional Elastic Body
Sadao Shimoji

A Model Equation for Peak Formation in Two-phase Flow
Bjorn Sjogreen, Katarina Gustavsson, and Reynir Levi Gudmundsson

On a New System of Klein-Gordon-Schrodinger Type
Nikolaos M. Stavrakakis

Interior Regularity Criterion via Pressure on Weak Solutions to the Navier-
Stokes Equations
Tomoyuki Suzuki

Various Forms of ADER Schemes for Nonlinear Conservation Laws with Source
Terms and Their Verification
Yoko Takakura

Numerical Pseudo-Convergence for a MHD Model System
Manuel Torrilhon

A CTCS Divergence Treatment for Ideal MHD
Rony Touma and Paul Arminjon

Numerical Methods for Euler Equations Using Fully Two-dimensional HLLEC
Riemann Solver
Pavel Vachal, Richard Liska, and Burton Wendroff

Nonlinear Fluid-dynamic PDEs and Multiscale Analysis
Shu Wang

The Jeans Instability for a One-dimensional Model System of Compressible
Viscous Fluids
Yoshitaka Yamamoto

Performance of Adaptive Numerical Dissipation Control in High Order Methods
for the Resistive MHD Equations
H. C. Yee and B. Sjogreen

Formulation Problem of the Einstein Equation for Numerical Simulations
Gen Yoneda and Hisa-aki Shinkai

Generalized Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Hyperbolic Systems
Gulmira K. Zakiryanova :

Cauchy Problem for the Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann System
Huijiang Zhao

Shock Reflection for the Euler System
Yuxi Zheng

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Hyperbolic Problems: Theory Numerics and Applications -I-

ISBN 4-946552-22-7  Editors F. Asakura, S. Kawashima, A Matsumura, S. Nishibata, K. Nishihara
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