Editors F. Asakura, S. Kawashima,
A Matsumura, S. Nishibata, K. Nishihara

Osaka JAPAN, 2004 ISBN 4-946552-21-9 ORDER

Glimm Functional for BGK Schemes
Stefano Bianchini

The Geometric Approach to Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
Philippe G. LeFloch

On Incompressible Navier-Stokes Dynamics: A New Approach for Analysis and
Jian-Guo Liu, Jie Liu, and Robert L. Pego

Waves in Systems of Conservation Laws: Large vs Small Scales
Denis Serre

Shock Wave Cosmology Inside a Black Hole: A Computer Visualization
Joel Smoller, Blake Temple, and Zeke Vogler

Invited Talks

Nonclassical Topological Construction of Riemann Solutions
A. V. Azevedo, C. S. Eschenazi, D. Marchesin, and C. F. Palmeira : : :

Non-cooperative Differential Games
Alberto Bressan and Wen Shen

Some Problems in the Theory of Multidimensional Hyperbolic Conservation
Gui-Qiang Chen

Adaptive Central-Upwind Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation
Lucian A. Constantin and Alexander Kurganov

The Chain Rule for the Divergence of BV-like Vector Fields
Camillo De Lellis

Localized Non-blowup Conditions for 3D Incompressible Euler Equations
Jian Deng, Thomas Y. Hou, and Xinwei Yu

Dynamics of Turing Patterns for Reaction-Diffusion Systems in a Cylindrical
Domain on 2D
Shin-Ichiro Ei

Vorticity Preserving Finite Volume Method for the Wave Equation System
Michael Fey and Manuel Torrilhon

A Mixed Finite-Element Scheme of a Semiconductor Energy-Transport Model
Using Dual Entropy Variables
Stephan Gadau, Ansgar Jungel, and Paola Pietra

Phase Transition in Compressible Media and Nonlocal Capillarity Terms
Jenny Haink and Christian Rohde

Stability of Undercompressive Shocks
Peter Howard and Kevin Zumbrun

Periodic Solutions to the 1-Dimensional Compressible Euler Equation with
Cheng-Hsiung Hsu, Song-Sun Lin, and Tetu Makino

Long Wave Approximations for Capillary-gravity Waves and an Effect of the
Tatsuo Iguchi

Stability of Viscous Shocks on Finite Intervals
Gunilla Kreiss, Heinz-Otto Kreiss, and Jens Lorenz

Qualitative Properties of Solutions to a Reaction-Diffusion Equation with Advection Modelling Chemotaxis
Toshitaka Nagai

On the Entropy Stability of Difference Schemes: A Comparison Principle and
a Homotopy Approach
Eitan Tadmor

The Pointwise Estimate of Solutions for Navier-Stokes Equations in Multidimensions
Weike Wang

On Transonic Shocks in a Nozzle
Zhouping Xin and Huicheng Yin

Contributed Talks

An Application of Retroactive Characteristic Method to Conservative Scheme
for Structure Problems (Elastic-Plastic Flows)
Moustafa Abouziarov and Hideaki Aiso

Instability Analysis in Conservative Difference Approximations for Compressible
Euler Equations-Toward Understanding the Carbuncle Phenomenon-
Hideaki Aiso and Moustafa Abouziarov

Time-dependent Boundary Value Problems for Maxwell Equations and their
Generalized Solutions
Lyudmila A. Alexeyeva

Short-time Well-posedness of Free-Surface Problems in 2D Fluids
David M. Ambrose

Wave Processes at Interfaces
Sigrid Andreae, Josef Ballmann, and Siegfried Muller

Construction of Stable PMLs for General 2*2 Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems
Daniel Appelo and Thomas Hagstrom

Logarithmic Reconstructions
Robert Artebrant and H. Joachim Schroll

Existence of Viscous Profiles for Conservation Laws with an Umbilic Point
Fumioki Asakura and Mitsuru Yamazaki

KCL, Ray Theories and Application to Sonic Boom
S. Baskar and Phoolan Prasad

A Finite Element Method for Computing Shear Band Formation
Th. Baxevanis, Th. Katsaounis, and A. Tzavaras

Conservation Law System for Two-Phase n-Component Flow in Porous Media:
Splitting between Thermodynamics and Hydrodynamics
P. G. Bedrikovetsky, A. P. Pires, and A. A. Shapiro

On Korteweg Models for Fluids Exhibiting Phase Changes
Sylvie Benzoni-Gavage, Raphael Danchin, Stephane Descombes, and Didier Jamet

On the Riemann Problem in Extended Thermodynamics
Francesca Brini and Tommaso Ruggeri

Maximum Principles in a Certain Hyperbolic Equation
Jose Cabrerizo and Aureliano M. Robles-Perez

Mathematical Analysis of a Population Dynamics System with Strong Cross-Diffusion
Li Chen

A High-resolution Method for Realistic Detonation Structure Simulation
R. Deiterding

Two-phase Flow through Injection Nozzles
Christian Dickopp and Josef Ballmann

Well Balanced Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for the Navier-Stokes-Korteweg Equations
Dennis Diehl

Convergence to Stationary States in Spatially Inhomogeneous Balance Laws
Julia Ehrt and Jorg Harterich

Nonuniqueness of Entropy Solutions and the Carbuncle Phenomenon
Volker Elling

On a Stability Theorem of the Navier-Stokes Equation in an Exterior Domain
Yuko Enomoto and Yoshihiro Shibata

On a Semi-implicit Discontinuous Galerkin FEM for the Nonstationary
Compressible Euler Equations
Miloslav Feistauer, Vit Dolejsi, and Vaclav Kucera

Entropy Method for the Linearized Cometary Flow Equation Klemens Fellner, Vera Miljanovic, and Christian Schmeiser
A Convergence Result on the Burgers Equation of Conservation Laws
Naoki Fujino and Mitsuru Yamazaki

Failure Wave Propagation Based on the Model of Two-State Substance
M. A. Grinfeld, S. D. Schoenfeld, and T. W. Wright

On the Numerical Solution of the Hyperbolic Proppant Transport Problem
Hongren Gu and Eduard Siebrits

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Hyperbolic Problems: Theory Numerics and Applications -II-

ISBN 4-946552-21-9  Editors F. Asakura, S. Kawashima, A Matsumura, S. Nishibata, K. Nishihara
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