Volume 8, Number 1, April 2007, pp. 121-133
N. M. Nam and N. D. Yen
Key words:
Vector-valued function, approximate Jacobian, coderivative, Dini directional derivative, Clarke-Rockafellar directional derivative.
Mathematices Subject Classification: Primary 49J52, 49J53.
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Relationships between the concept of approximate Jacobian for vector-valued functions in finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces, which was introduced by V. Jeyakumar and D. T. Luc, and the concept of coderivative, which was introduced by B. Mordukhovich, are discussed in this paper. Our investigation shows clearly that coderivative and approximate Jacobian are very different concepts. They have a little in common. From the papers cited in the list of references one can note that these concepts require different methods of study, and they give results of quite different forms.
Relationships between approximate Jacobians and coderivatives